Act: what can you do ?

The situation is complex. Difficult to know what to do. We will provide means of action and hope you will share those you know of.

Inform and Raise Awareness

We develop and will contnue to develop infographies to help raise public awareness. Clarity is essential to develop solutions. We organise conferences and workshops to raise awareness and co-create solutions.


You can freely share the video, inforgaphies, articles we produce. Share the news!

Seed choice

If we know what seeds are tied up in intellectual property rights issues, we can understand the impact of our choices. Let’s help people choose varieties that are technically and legally free to be resown.

planche COULEURS V5


There is a huge job to colect all the names of public domain seed varieties legally available on the market in France and in the European Union. If you want to help in any way, do contact us!

Learn to make you own seeds

(to be completed at a later date – or suggest links)