To save or not to save seed, that is the question…

 The Right To Save Seed Poster

The Right To Save Seed is an animated movie that explains when farmers can resow seed in Europe. With the help of Magnum, Agata, Dali, and Mona Lisa – four potato varieties that really exist – the movie covers different legal situations with humor and a lot of creativity!

Even though farmers have produced their own seed over centuries, they are not able to resow all the seed they buy. Resowing can be prevented or restricted by seed sale contracts, by contracts binding farmers to their buyers, and by intellectual property rights.

Inspired by Grocery Store Wars, produced by Free Range Studios, Shabnam Anvar (PhD in Seed Regulation), Mathieu Eisinger (Producer), Jeanne Rouchel (Producer and Designer) and Olivia Zarcate (Legal Information Designer) use colorful creativity to translate a complex legal situation into a fun story for all. Their goal: to help farmers and consumers select seeds and make food choices with a complete understanding of the implications of those choices.

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