The team

Equipe droit de semerOpen Solutions is a project driven by happy team of positive collaborators. Meeting allowed us to make a first video called “The Right to Save Seed”.

Open Solutions Team

Shabnam Anvar (Ph.D in Law, ReCompose founder)
Interested in heirloom seeds since 1996, Shabnam started working on seed regulation in 2002 when two French farmers said that they were not allowed to exchange seed. She dug up the subject doing her PhD on the subject at the Sorbonne in Paris and published it online free of access (in French). She continues to work with various organisations and projects on seed issues and co-founded Open Solutions  to promote solutions in this field. She is also a sustainability designer and facilitator at Recompose.
Contact : email | @wwsdo | Recompose |

Mathieu Eisinger (Director, screenwriter)
Mathieu is specialised in energy and farm policies. He works to allow the general public to grasp the stakes at hand and to empower each individual so that they can be part of the solutions.
Mathieu joined the team to help work on this crucial topic and make it accessible. Mathieu is also the director of the I Field Good campaign.
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Jeanne Rouchel (Stop-Motion Director and Graphic Designer)
Jeanne is a talented creative designer and director. Inspired by various specialised artistic milieux, her imaginations runs deep into the cartoon world with quirky references that feed any project.
She allowed this project to leap out of the legal rigidity by feeding it her own creativity. But she remained grounded when it came to ours means, making a lot out of very little.
Contact : email | @lamomeneant | site |

Olivia Zarcate (Legal expert and Infographist, founder of Imagidroit)
Olivia created Imagidroit in 2012 to make law accessible through visual design. Metaphors, diagrams, visual summaries are all tools she uses to make the Law speak in new accessible ways. She was the first to join Shabnam to find crafty ways to talk about seed regulation.
Contact : email | @OzImagidroit | ImagiDroit

A huge warm thanks to Anna Salaun, David Canat, Marie-Gabrielle Favé, Max Lathullière, Marco Lubrano for their voices and/or crafty hands, and to Yann Delon for the the French horn, oboe and piano.


Sébastien Ravut (Entrepreneur, consultant)lemarché
Sébastien has worked on web projects for social businesses for over 10 years ( He has also created a web directory that lists and locates all of France’s social businesses:
Facebook/sebravut - @SebRavut

Céline Kern
Creative Visual Workshop.
Beaux-Arts and graphic designer graduate, Céline Kern has created fabulous visual identities for the past 10 years. She is particularly implicated in environmental, social and cultural projects. She is also an illustrator and photographer.
Facebook : Celine-Kern-Design

David ThomasSMOL
Web developer, David is the co-founder of SMOL a sweet creative studio
Contact: @davidanou